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Welcome to My New Domus

"I am the servant Aurora, click me and I shall carry your words directly to Matrona Proserpina"

Come in! Don't be shy!

My name is Proserpina Curius Alexandros.

You can find me in the following sites with the following positions:
Ancient Times: Regent, Moderator and Group Leader
Ancient World: Founding Millennium Patron with prestigious titles in many groups, especially Lady of the Lake in ArturusRex
Pan Historia: Writer in the Legion


Feel free to visit my husband's on-line store to buy anything Egyptian, Celtic, Roman, Greek, Oriental... (this is an RL Company):

Please visit In Memory in honor of a beloved member that has passed away: Broom NiaFer

Here are the Curii & Alexandros Family members: 

Matrona Proserpina Curius

Materfamilias of the Curii

Husband Somatophylax Alexandros

Paterfamilias of the Alexandros

Brother Terbus Curius

Defender of the Curii Pride & Honor

Sister-in-Law Silvina Maximus

Wife of Terbus Curius

Sister Laurels Curius

Family Artist & Matrona in training

Cousin Mnemosyne Curius

Student of the Arts

Uncle Tigger Curius

Military Strategist

Cousin Xtreemli Curius

Family Actress & Black Sheep

Aunt Sagitta Curius

Niece Nemisis Curius

sari Curius


MagesFurri Alexandros


LOST Alexandros


Here is their formal invitation to the wedding of my brother Terbus Curius and Silvina Maximus *Domus on Ancient Worlds* or Silvina Maximus Private Domus. They were married on pan Historia

My younger cousin Mnemosyne's Private Domus that is still under construction

If you are interested in redecorating your home or
you simply to need assistance, please do not be shy
to contact me.

I welcome all Family members to post on their arrival as well as I will be creating a Family Page for the entire family where we can gather and stay together. For more information, please contact me.

Please visit the Oikos of my Husband Somatophylax Alexandros! or his new Oikos on the New AS
we were married on March 24th 2001 in the Rome Sites
 Chat Room @ 3pm AS time.

Laurels Wedding Gift
Gift from my dear little sister Laurels Curius.

Proud member of the Curius Family in Rome!!!
I am the Matrona of the Family as well!!!
I am also the Current Family Editor!
I was Comitia Tributa Representative in The Regia.
Please visit our Family Home by clicking on the Plaque!


The Ancientsites Alliance is run by
Thea Didius and Proserpina Curius

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Ancient Homes NetRing by Seshat
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