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In the Heart of Avalon!!!

Merry Meet Everyone!

May the Goddess Bless You!

This is a continuing celebration for the old thread "In the heart of Avalon, the women are celebrating" by my dear friend Rehtaeh Macroth. This was done in the Avalon Group in Tara in Ancient Sites.

I was suppose to continue this celebration with this new thread that I have now created. This plaque and poem were done by myself with the help of Laurels Curius *for the plaque*.

I hope that all that were interested so much in Avalon on AS will continue to participate on the New Ancient Worlds under the Group of Arturus Rex.

This is a celebration that will never end.
It is a place for all to gather to drink mead, eat, dance, sing and read their poetry to all of us.

Blessed Be to All!!!