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This is the Island of Avalon Page

I have always been interested in the legends of Avalon and King Arthur. I have decided to dedicate this page to all my sisters on the Island of Avalon who are Priestesses.

I am a proud member of the Avalon group:

This was the logo for the Old Avalon Group on Ancient Sites

Avalon Celebration
Plaque was made by my amazing cousin Laurels Curius for the participation in the Old Avalon Group on Ancient Sites

Here are a few links for my fellow sisters to visit:

Pagan Wiccan Religion

Montreal Pagan Association

The Witches' Voice

Wicca 101


Wicca Page

Ashlynn's Pagan Grove

The Sisterhood of Avalon

For Avalon and Arthurian Fans:

Arthurian Legend

Avalon Metaphysical

Avalon Studios releases Stones

The Avalon Manual

In memory of Marion Zimmer Bradley

Celtic Twilight


The changing Role of Women in the Arthurian Legend

The works of Marion Zimmer Bradley

Bulfinch's Mythology


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